Festival Reseach - Fesztiválkutatás

Hungary's dynamically developing and diverse cultural festival scene offers meaningful recreation and community experience to a wide range of society. Today, their significance goes far beyond entertainment, they have become an integral part of the cultural, touristic and economic life of our country. Despite, the last time a comprehensive survey of our festivals was conducted was in 2004.


Our present research aims to enable the analysis of the Hungarian festival offerings and support practice from several aspects, as well as to facilitate the coordination of differentiated and grouped quality preferences. It is based on 5 elements:

•          mapping of public funding,

•          analysis of municipal festival subsidies,

•          examination of the characteristics of domestic festivals,

•          presentation of the opinion and experiences of the festival organizers,

•          presentation of foreign trends.

The volume is not commercially available, it can be ordered free of charge (cash on delivery) or picked up in person at the Institution while stock lasts.

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