Mosaic Museum Tour Books - Mozaik Múzeumtúra könyvek

In 2014 the Mosaic Museum Tour (Mozaik Múzeumtúra) managed to steer the attention of the primary and secondary school populace towards the museums and exhibition spaces of Hungary with unique tools. The campaign, developed and carried out by our Institution with the support of the National Cultural Fund (Nemzeti Kulturális Alap) and the professional assistance of the Ministry of Human Capacities (Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma), drew attention to almost all important museums and exhibition places in the country. We managed to reach out to the youth and through them to many families, whom we encouraged to go and discover our local and regional values.


Mosaic Museum Tour book series:

  • 5 years of the Mosaic Museum Tour (Ötéves a Mozaik Múzeumntúra) - 2019

The Mosaic Museum Tour program was launched five years ago and we felt it was important to report on our achievements and experiences. The first part of the volume therefore presents the first five years of the Mosaic Museum Tour, with the help of subjective accounts of the participants (museums, schools, non-governmental organizations) in addition to writing a detailed description of the program.


  • 300 Museums and Exhibition Spaces in Hungary - 2014

This book presents the most important museums and exhibition spaces in Hungary. The goal in the creation of this detailed but pithy collection, brief summaries of the histories of the institutions with descriptions of their collections, was to provide a comprehensive overview of museum life in Hungary, demonstrating its remarkable diversity, including internationally recognised points of interest and many less familiar but equally captivating treasures.


  • 500 Museums and Exhibition Spaces in the Carpathian Basin (500 múzeum és kiállítóhely a Kárpát-medencében) - 2014

Our book - the revised and expanded edition of the book 300 Museums and Exhibition Places in Hungary, published within the framework of the Mosaic Museum Tour program - presents the most important museums and exhibition places in Hungary, as well as the ones in relations to the Hungarian culture beyond the borders. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive picture of the Hungarian museum sphere, showing its remarkable diversity, well-known and hidden values and curiosities, and thus encouraging the readers to visit and get acquainted with the institutes presented within. We hope that the volume will serve as a useful guide for those interested, whether they are practised museum visitors, families looking for meaningful weekend recreation or even educators planning a class trip program, at our borders from here and beyond.

  • 150 Exhibition Spaces and Cultural Sights by the Lakes of Hungary (150 kiállítóhely és kulturális látnivaló Magyarország tavainál) - 2014

Our publication presents the exhibition places and cultural attractions in the vicinity of the four greater lakes of Hungary - Lake Fertő, Lake Balaton, Lake Velence and Lake Tisza. It is intended to serve as useful travel companion during planned visits to these major tourist sites and to contribute to a quality leisure time, whether it is simple relaxation or active recreation. The publication describes the selected sites by lakes, discussing the northern and southern shores of Lake Balaton separately for better clarity.

However, it has always been an important goal of the program to provide professional assistance to museums, schools and teachers, so in the second part of the volume we publish professional writings that present the possibilities of involving and addressing the young age group by introducing the latest trends. Studies written by renowned professionals provide useful and up-to-date knowledge for museum staff and educators in a variety of communication tools, including museum pedagogy, experience conveying, and digitization.

We hope that our publication will be useful guide for many.

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